Ghenh Da Dia - Amazing Rock Masterpiece in Phu Yen, Vietnam

Ghenh Da Dia - Amazing Rock Masterpiece in Phu Yen, Vietnam

Linh Linh | Published Nov 08, 2019

Located in An Ninh Dong Commune , Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province, Ghenh Da Dia (Rapids of Stone Plates) is strangely structured rocks include large upright stones equally arranged in a star pattern. Being a riddle of nature, like a giant jigsaw, the rapids is irritatingly made of the same shaped pieces, and forms a solidified structure that has proved more than just a curiosity for thousands.

Location: An Ninh Dong, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province
Opening hours: 8 am to 10 pm

I. Geological Phenomenon

Ghenh Da Dia Phenomenon
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Millions of years ago, during a volcano eruption, mineral flows melting was frozen when they encountered water and then the solid broke into columns or obliques. That created the beautiful landscape of Ghenh Da Dia for the present time. Time over time, the landscape is rearranged as an artistic work by the hand of nature. Ghenh Da Dia is about 1km2 large, half in the sea and half above sea level.

Looking down on it, visitors often liken it to a gigantic beehive, others as a pile of stone plates. For despite a lengthy series of historical, archeological and scientific probes of the cliff’s square kilometers, its formation remains a mystery.

Ghenh Da Dia Overview
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The stones in Ghenh Da Dia are bazan stones of dark black and light yellow. There exists large stones of tons and small stones with different shapes: round, pentagon, polygon and so on. The stones take the right column or a settlement close to each other like disks arranged on couples together. 

Even counting the stone columns has failed to yield an exact figure as exhausted researchers usually call a halt at around 35,000. The stones are 60-80 cm in visible height and 20-30 cm across and cluster round a small fresh water pond that is fed by underground rivers and never dries up.

II. How is Ghenh Da Dia Unique?

Ghenh Da Dia Uniqueness
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Stretching over 2,000 meters in length, Ghenh Da Dia is widening about 50 meters. It is estimated that there are 35,000 rock columns, standing in close position as if supernaturally placed, each of which has an average visible height of 60-80cm, cross-section of 20-30cm. The basalt cliffs are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. When the molten basalt flows met the cool water, they hardened and formed these rare polygonal columns. 

Besides Ghenh Da Dia, there exists a beautiful beach called Bang beach, which has rocks lying quiet under the shadow of trees. This is quite ideal for relaxation, camping and extra activities.

Ghenh Da Dia Visit
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Ghenh Da Dia and the beach are closed with a famous tourist attraction which is “Hòn đá lực lượng” – a deep and wide grotto that saves the legendary people in a war period. In the war, our main force sheltered in the cave at night, waiting for the day to go on a sortie and dealt enemy thunderstruck blows.

Visiting Ghenh Da Dia, you have a chance to view many species of marine creatures, especially “Mứt” seaweed – a type of kelp which is salty and sticks to the stones, looking like a network.

III. What to Eat?

This beautiful place offers tourists with a wide range of different food. If it is your first time visiting it, you should not miss some of these following specialties.

1. Chicken Rice

Ghenh Da Dia Chicken Rice
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Chicken rice is a common dish in Vietnam but each region will have its own way to make it special. In Phu Yen, the rice is cooked in a hot pan with chicken broth, minced garlic and oil. Wait until the chicken turn radiant yellow and put into a plate. Then, slice carrots, cucumbers and hot mint. 

When it’s time to eat the dish, people often prepare a bowl of Vietnamese fish sauce mixed with green pepper and chopped garlic. The chicken will be dipped down into this sauce in order to create a special taste. Once you try this food, you may understand why it is so popular in Vietnam. 

2. Hot Water Fern Cake

Ghenh Da Dia Fern Cake
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It is a simple and eye-catching food in Phu Yen Province. In spite of its simple look, actually, this cake requires lots of patience to reach the delightful level. 

First, pour water into the rice flour and keep it for 4 to 6 hours. When it is finished, pour all the water out and pour in the warm water instead. Next, steam the rice batter in around 7 or 8 minutes until you see a milky color from the mixture. 

When everything is completed, the chef will put oiled scallions, fried bread and a little fish sauce in it. Because of its small size, people often order it in trays. In cool evenings, tasting a tray of hot water fern cake watching everyone on the streets will be an unforgettable experience for you. 

3. Fish Cake Noodle Soup with Chives

Ghenh Da Dia Soup
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In order to make this food, people will have to mince the fish, season and fold it into pieces before steaming or drying deeply in the hot oil pan. The broth is made from fresh fish bones to create a naturally sweet taste of fish. When being served, you will see an eye-catching bowl with fresh green chives and seasoned fish on top of noodles. And you can add chili or lime into the dish if you like.

IV. How to Get There?

Ghenh Da Dia Get to
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In order to get to Ghenh Da Dia, tourists will depart at Tuy Hoa city. Go along Highway No1 about 30km, turn right at Chi Thanh town and continue the journey for about 12 km. Then, Ghenh Da Dia will appear right in front of your eyes.

Have been listed as a National Heritage Site by the Ministry of Culture and Information, Ghenh Da Dia is a potential tourist attraction to both domestic and foreign visitors. And a visit to the rapids, you will certainly be worth it!


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