Vung Bau Beach: The Pristine Beauty in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Vung Bau Beach: The Pristine Beauty in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Travel Guide to Vung Bau Beach

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 05, 2021

Vung Bau Beach is situated on Phu Quoc Island – the southwest pearl island which is broadly recognized as Vietnam’s premier travel destination for its stunning scenery and serene weather condition. Trekking to the northwest of Phu Quoc, independently chose its place between Bai Dai Beach in the north and Cua Can Beach in the south, Vung Bau Beach proved to be one of the must-visit spots not only by its naturally endless coastline but its diverse ecosystems as well.

Location: Northwest coast of Phu Quoc Island
Opening hours: 24/7

I. Why is Vung Bau Beach so Special?

highlights of Vung Bau beach

Vung Bau Beach owns a remarkable outlook over the ocean. From a certain distance, visitors can witness its beautiful shoreline which intriguingly shaping like a golden crescent with stretched arc of white sand covered by small hills and thick forest on its back. What makes the ecosystem here so prosperous is literally gifts from mother-nature: sparkling transparent seawater, powdery empty sand-bank that extend until they reach various types of tropical trees like rows of casuarina trees, coconut palm trees as lush as a pristine island.

On the other hand, compared to other beachfront on the northwest of Phu Quoc Island, Vung Bau stands as the most untouched shore where experience relatively long-winded innovation and developments in the time being.

Traveling to Vung Bau Beach, most tourists hold the idea of a crowded place for its attractive features, yet you’d be amazed once you set your first step on the blue sapphire-like sea here. This space is so enormous and distant enough to bring visitors the feeling of an undiscovered primitive seashore.

More noticeably, since Vung Bau has a gently low sea slope on its surface, the safety of families especially those who have children and those who have not learned to swim are certainly secured. 

The beach’s weather condition remains stable during the whole year, yet the favorable time to enjoy your vacation is in its dry season when the tranquility and serenity of nature on the island expose the most.

II. What to See and Do in Vung Bau?

What to see and do in Vung bau beach

Of all the public beaches in Phu Quoc, travelers could not find any other place that is as refreshing as Vung Bau. Not only the beach itself is wonderful but there are also lots of things to do that will fascinate any picky traveler when they first come here.

1. Having a vacation

For those who are seeking for peace and recharging or simply want to run away from a bunch of work and deadlines, Vung Bau Beach is what you are looking for. It would be nice to bring the whole family or your partner to the shore, sunbathing in the crack of dawn in the early morning or having seafood meals served inside a breath-taking view from your hotel room. 

2. Snorkeling or Diving

Other than swimming, snorkeling or diving is another brilliant way to immerse in fresh seawater of Vung Bau Beach. By hiring or lending kayak boats from nearby resorts or dive shops, tourists will be able to sail to Hon Mong Tay (Fingernail Islet) and start the exploration.

Beauty of Vung Bau beach

Otherwise, if you are adventurous travelers and expect a more challenging way to get on the island, try swimming by the ocean. However, be extremely careful of sea current since it’s somewhat stronger in low season. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself for the best health condition and check the weather before departing.

3. Witness the wildlife

Vung Bau Beach’s wildlife system is various enough for visitors to meet all kinds of species: from marine creatures like colorful coral reefs, cuttle-fish to winged groups like hornbills, etc. In order to clearly observe their natural lives, make your effort to wake up from the early morning when the sky and the ocean acquire its most pure state, all living beings will slowly appear in the middle of anywhere and start making their daily livelihood.

III. What to Eat in Vung Bau?

What to eat in Vung Bau beach - seafood

Seafood is unquestionably what whoever comes to beaches will think of first. Vung Bau Beach is not an exception. The perfect way to enjoy seafood freshly is to catch them with your own hand. If you do not bring along required tools for fishing, there will be specialized services that provide necessary equipment around the resort areas. 

In other cases, due to long-distance paths from centre and deferment of high-end subculture, it’d be felicitous for tourists who do not interest in fishing to have meals at your current accommodation since there’s scarcely any restaurant nearby.

IV. How to Get to Vung Bau?

Vung Bau Beach is about 20km away from Dong Duong City. Thus, the most reasonable way to get here is to follow the pathway that is suitable for motorbikes and cars alongside the coast counting from Ganh Dau.

V. Extra Tips on Visiting Vung Bau

  • There’s no nearby household, eating place or grocery store. For that reason, do not forget to fill up your bags with food and drink supplies, or essential appliances before setting off. Besides, you can pause at Dong Duong Market or Cua Can Market to purchase these necessities on your way to Vung Bien.
  • In peak season especially summer, when vacation demand is higher than normal, the number of tourists also increases so making specific reservations for accommodation is recommended.

Vung Bau Beach is truly an ideal destination to come and enjoy your vacation with your beloved ones or even by yourself. After indulging in the fresh atmosphere, inhaling the sea breeze from nature on the shore, you will definitely gain much motivation and inspiration for your ongoing plans in the future. 


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