Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang

Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang

A Sleeping Beauty & Natural Masterpiece of Vietnam

Linh Linh | Published Oct 25, 2019

Van Phong Bay, Nha Trang is geographically at the easternmost position of Vietnam, only 14 km from international waters and close to the junction of maritime routes. It is a big bay with 41,000 ha of water surface and a depth of 20-30 m and is relatively free from wind.

Geography and Climate

A scene of Van Phong bay
Photo: @mhgpx

Van Phong, also known as Port Dayot by French people, is situated 50 kilometers toward the north of Nha Trang, between Ninh Hoa and Van Ninh districts of Khanh Hoa Province. This beautiful landscape has wonderful natural sceneries and beaches of fine sand, surrounded by hills, mountains, and tropical forests.

The temperature climate is ideal all year round with 2 seasons. The rainy season starts in May and ends in November while the dry season starts in December and ends in April. The best time for tourists to visit this region is between December and June, when the sea is calm and the waves are slight.

Things to See and Do in Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay is known for a number of interesting places for tourists to wind up their minds. Here are the most worth-visiting:

1. Hòn Ông (Whale Island)

Hon Ong - Whale island in Van Phong bay
Photo: @teapaul

Hon Ong is great for resting, enjoying the many beautiful sights and relics on the island. Once coming here, you can soak up in the untouched nature. Nice white sand and crystal clear water are ideal conditions for your water sport activities while shady coconut trees in a peaceful atmosphere can create a pleasant feeling for your relaxation. 

This place is a paradise for any newly married couples who are looking for a sweet honeymoon to enjoy together. Most foreign tourists have been here rated it at 9 or 10 stars in terms of location and landscape.

2. Đầm Môn (Dam Mon Peninsula)

sunrise at Dam Mon in Van Phong bay
Sunset at Dam Mon (
Dam Mon peninsula
Dam Mon peninsula from afar (

Dam Mon peninsula has a total area of nearly 130 km2, including 20 small and large islands inside. It is peaceful, clean and beautiful so it is not hard for you to adopt cool poses with your friends. 

At Dam Mon, travelers often go scuba diving to the coral reefs, rowing boats and fishing squid or cuttle-fish at night. From here, you can take a motorboat to discover the bay. You can also walk across the sand dunes toward Dam Mon Village. Then, stop for a while to learn about how the local fishermen smear chai (a material made from a plant) onto the bottom of their boats to make them waterproof. The perfect sunset view is from the top of the dunes.

3. Bãi Nhàu (Nhau Beach)

Bai Nhau beach in Van Phong bay

It takes around 45 minutes to get to the first site of interest, Bai Nhau (Nhau beach), where you can see groups of white and pink jellyfish swimming in the calm water. Again you can also dive down to coral reefs.

If you spend some days in Van Phong, you will have time to take trips to see many other islands in the bay, as well as fishing villages, lobster-breeding cages, and pearl oyster-raising areas.

4. Hòn Lớn Island (Big Island)

sunset in Hon Lon island

This island stretches 27,5 km and looks exactly like an outstretched arm hugging treasures. Its existence provides a shield for many ships to hide from big storms. Its mountain has the highest peak of 580 m above the sea level and its other low mountains are covered with ancient forests.

The strange geological structure of this island may surprise you at first. There is beautiful white sand on one side and a sharp rocks area on the other 3 sides. If you are not used to dangerous adventure, the stand rocky blocks here may make you feel heart attacked.

How to Get There

There are 3 main types of transportation people often use when going to Van Phong Bay.

  • Bus

If you choose the bus as your transportation to reach Van Phong Bay, you will need to go the eastern bus station in Ho Chi Minh city to buy a ticket at about 220,000 to 360,000 VND. 

  • Train

The train is more expensive than the bus, which is around 400,000 VND. There are only two trains to Van Gia Port so you need to book the ticket in advance in case there is nothing left for you.

  • Airplane

Airplane is the quickest and most convenient way for anyone not having much time traveling. You will land off at Cam Ranh Airport. Then, you will have to jump onto a taxi to go to the expected attraction.

What to Eat in Van Phong Bay

There is a variety of fresh seafood available on Van Phong Bay. Some of the most famous ones include grilled squid dipped in fish sauce and ginger, monster snail, grilled big clam and snail porridge. You can choose to eat at a restaurant or buy cooked dishes from local fishermen, which is quite cheap in general.

Where to Stay in Van Phong Bay

It is not difficult to find a hotel with full facilities in big islands in Van Phong Bay. Here is a list for you.

  • Whale Island Resort 

Location: Ong Island, Dam Mon village, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province

Tel: (+84) 0935 466245

  • The Light Coral Island Resort

Location: Ong Island, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province

Tel: (+84) 0258 352 1045

In case you want to explore nature, you can choose to take a camp here. Bring enough essential belongings to stay overnight under the sky. The sound of waves together with cool wind will create an unadulterated night for you to enjoy.

Tips on Visiting Van Phong Bay

  • Bring some snacks in case you are hungry at night because the restaurants on Van Phong Bay are not so good
  • The electricity on a few islands is only between 6 pm and 9 pm so you should take the phone charge along if you do not want your phone run out of battery during night time
  • Theft rarely occurs so you can feel safe when having a holiday trip on these islands
  • Try to keep the surrounding areas as clean as possible 
  • Do not disturb the locals around you

So, why don’t you make a plan and enjoy some relaxing days on Van Phong Bay?


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