Monkey Bridge - The Most Amazing Experience in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Monkey Bridge - The Most Amazing Experience in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Sep 21, 2020

Mekong Delta Vietnam is famous for its monkey bridges, which make the most amazing experience to every foreign tourist when joining Mekong Delta Tours.

Almost all countries have characterized bridges, each of which reflect the lifestyle and customs of the local people. Particular in Mekong Delta Vietnam, there are extremely odd bridges that many tourists feel very scared when they pass them, like playing a risky game.

Why it is called monkey bridge

It is thanks to these impressive bridges that visitors will remember the lands that host the odd bridges, which gave them memories “of a lifetime.” Many people even go to a place to set foot on the bridges that give them thrills.

According to the Toptensthings, Vietnam’s monkey bridges have been voted in the top 10 scariest bridges in the world. Also, the Travel & Leisure recently listed Vietnam’s monkey bridges as one of the scariest bridges worldwide.

Go across Monkey bridge in Mekong Delta

“It may seem that only monkeys could make it across traditional monkey bridges – after all. They’re typically made of a single bamboo log and one handrail. However, the name comes from the stooped monkey-like posture you have to maintain when crossing, so as not to plunge into the river below.”, reported by the Travel & Leisure.

For those who wish to “playing a risky game” of crossing the Monkey Bridge, join this Mekong Delta Vietnam at a Glance Tour.  

Tourists experience the game of crossing monkey bridge in mekong delta

No one can deny that one of the most endearing sights in Mekong Delta is watching a person making their way across one of the fascinating “monkey bridges”, which are usually built of uneven logs about 30cm to 80cm wide and have only a simple bamboo railing. In Mekong, this kind of bridge can be seen everywhere as they are suspended from 2m to 10m above the canals and helps to connect local small villages to main roads.

Though the infrastructure throughout the Mekong Delta has seen much improvements, the traditional Monkey bridges of local people there will be treasured and preserved to make the most amazing experience to foreign tourists traveling to Mekong Delta.


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