White Marble Wine Bar: Ideal for an Enjoyable Hoi An Nightlife

White Marble Wine Bar: Ideal for an Enjoyable Hoi An Nightlife

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Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 22, 2020

When referring to Hoi An, a famous tourism destination in Quang Nam Province, people will immediately imagine an ancient town which is imbued with cultural and historical values of Vietnam as well as East Asia. Temporarily overlooking the nostalgic appearance of this destination, you will see a very different Hoi An with a wide range of modern entertainment venues such as restaurants, coffee shops or bars. Among the prominent bars in this town, White Marble Wine Bar is a destination that you should not miss while exploring the nightlife in Hoi An.

Location: No.98, Le Loi Street, Hoi An Old Town, Quang Nam Province
Opening time: 09.00 – 23.00 daily
Email: whitemarble@visithoian.com
Phone number: (0235) 3911 862

White Marble Wine Bar is the first bar in Hoi An, which is located in the heart of this ancient town. It is not difficult to find White Marble at No.98 Le Loi Street after having a walk on the streets decorated with colorful and shimmering lights of Hoi An. No grandiose and ostentatious signs, no loud music, but White Marble attracts any visitor who comes across the corner of Le Loi – Nguyen Thai Hoc crossroads.

The bar is set inside a refurbished heritage old house and nestled on Thu Bon River waterfront. From this two-storey ancient house, you can enjoy not only all the vibrancy and colour of life in Hoi An at night but also the cool and light wind from the river nearby. When the night falls, Hoi An becomes lively with the crowded streets and the splendid light of the multi-colored lanterns before the old houses.

The bar is opened daily, even at weekends or holidays, so you can absolutely consider this bar as a stopover in your journey to Hoi An at any time of the year.

Highlights of White Marble Wine Bar

White Marble particularly impresses visitors with its interior space. This two-floor heritage building has been elegantly renovated to accommodate the layout of a pub but it still retains all the essence as well as its charm from the cultural history.

Inside White Marble Wine Bar in Hoi An
Photo: @sec.ag

1. Architecture

The bar is divided into two areas; for guests who like to be in the street atmosphere, a table on the ground floor or on the sidewalk is quite an ideal selection. For those who enjoy watching things from above, the table near the second floor balcony is always available. From here, you can see a bright lantern street at night and the bustle of the Western Quarter in Hoi An.

2. Design

The main color of White Marble Wine Bar is yellow, the typical color in Hoi An Ancient Town, along with the dark brown of the wooden doors and windows, which creates a feeling as if you were back to the twenty century. All the furniture in the bar is made from wood; the menu is written with chalk on blackboards; the walls are decorated with vintage photographs and the wooden shelves showcase its wine offerings. This nightlife destination is the arrangement of new and old, the modern life and the past values, the delicacy and a little street style.

The name White Marble is probably from the design of this venue with plenty of white bar stools and the marble floor, which is a factor contributing to the unique appearance of this bar.

3. Music

When talking about a bar, people may think of famous trends of DJ’s live music. That thing is not true for White Marble. The atmosphere there is peaceful with the unobtrusive classical music played in the background, which is a mix of acoustic, classic pop tunes and jazz. Enjoying a meal with a cup of wine in the melodious music and admiring the wonderful night street outside is the most memorable experience that you can find in nowhere.

A variety of dishes and drinks
Photo: @diyanc

4. A Variety of Drinks and Dishes

White Marble Wine Bar is not just a bar, it is the combination of bar and restaurant. Thus, this place offers you a variety of alcohol drinks and food dishes of Vietnam and some Western countries. This is a suitable place for the young, foreign visitors and even the vegetarians. All the dishes here are made perfectly, and the aromatic flavour of the food for sure will make your mouth full of water.

5. Wine

White Marble Wine Bar is a pub, so it is impossible not to mention what makes this famous name. The international wine list here is quite abundant with 15 semi-glass wines, over 80 types of wines sold in bottles and other alcohol drinks like beers, cocktails, vodka, rums, whiskies, etc. The wine list includes some famous brands in the world such as French Island Pinot Noir, Red Bordeaux, Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Australian Pinot Gris. All of the wines at White Marble have been selected for the best quality from the manufacturers all over the world. Wine bottles are neatly arranged in wooden shelves close to the wall, which are easy to choose and a way to create a highlight for the space to be more luxurious.

6. Asian and Western Dishes

If you come to this bar with an empty stomach, enjoying the dinner there is a considerable suggestion. White Marble Restaurant and Wine Bar is famous for dishes that combine Asian and Western culinary culture in a unique way with an assorted menu. Just looking at the list of dishes in the menu is already fascinating. In particular, here also has a tasting menu of dishes and a glass of fine international wine for guests to choose to enjoy at very preferential prices. The aromatic and beautifully decorated dishes are quickly served, which pleases any fastidious diners.

You can have a try on the famous specialties of Hoi An as well as Quang Nam such as “cao lau”, “banh canh”, Quang Nam noodles, chicken rice, spring rolls, sizzling crepes, broken rice, coconut milk-flavored pancakes and so on. Beside, the Italian and French fusion dishes like cheese platter, mini crispy pancakes, lemongrass chicken and chicken satay are all highly recommended for those who want to experience Western cuisine.

7. Vegetarian Dishes

It is such a mistake if you suppose that White Marble Wine Bar is only a place for young people to come and drink. Vegan diners going to this bar can order a vegetarian dish for their meal. The vegetarian dish that you are advised to try is tofu noodles with mango salad and coconut curry.

How to Get to White Marble Wine Bar?

Located in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town, it is not difficult to find the way to White Marble Wine Bar. From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Tam Ky, Quang Nam by plane, by coach or by train. The distance between Tam Ky and Hoi An is about 50 kilometers, and you can take a bus to travel with a pocket-friendly price. From Hoi An Museum of Trade Ceramics, it takes you only two minutes to walk to this marvelous spot.

Besides, you can also hire a motorbike or take a taxi to visit other places in Hoi An Ancient Town, but the fee is a little bit higher.

Tips on Visiting White Marble Wine Bar

There are some minor but essential things that you should remember when going to White Marble Wine Bar:

  • Be aware of what you drink and the amount of wine you take in. Many kinds of drinks in this bar contain high level of alcohol, so if you are not a good drinker, you should select some types of cocktails or soft drinks to avoid being over drunk.
  • Notice the time. The closing time of this bar is 11.00 pm, quite early in comparison with most of the other bars. If you expect to admire the nightlife of Hoi An, you had better go after 7.00 pm.
  • Do not drive after drinking wine. Driving after drinking is very dangerous for yourself and other people, and you will be strictly fined by the traffic police if the alcohol content in your breath above zero. After drinking wine, you should take a taxi to go back to hotel to ensure your safety.
  • The outside temperature at night may be a bit cold, so don’t forget to bring a light coat with you!

There is nothing more immersive than sitting on high sips sipping fragrant wine and immersing yourself in the romantic space of melodious music and enjoying the colorful life in the ancient town of Hoi An. If you have a chance to visit Hoi An, don’t miss this astonishing destination!


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