Whiskey & Wares Bar for Expats in Saigon

Whiskey & Wares Bar for Expats in Saigon

Bar for Expats in Ho Chi Minh City

Jane Pham Jane Pham | Published Feb 28, 2020

Saigon is known as one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia for its incredible nightlife and its abundance of bars and pubs. Saigonese love to drink and hang out with friends so bars play an important role in their life. Whiskey & Wares is a popular name to not only locals but also expat travelers. From beers to cocktails, you can expect an awesome night in this bar.

Location: 196 De Tham street, Cau Ong ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city
Opening hours: 5:00 pm - 1:30 am
Price: VND 50.000 - VND 150.000

Why is Whiskey & Wares Bar So Special?

Though not located on the most crowded and busiest streets, it attracts a lot of patrons with quality drinks at a reasonable price. You may think that this is another bar for expats. But no, it looks like an oasis that is filled with alcohol and handcrafted goods, crowded with so many tourists.

Interior space of Whiskey & Wares

The bar was founded by two people: Director Wan Winters and Derek Jay. The pair first met when Jay moved to Ho Chi Minh city. They have kept their big dream of turning Whiskey & Wares into one of the most popular drinking destinations for both locals and travelers. Jay said that he always wishes everyone can try really good and authentic whiskeys they haven’t tried before. That’s why the price for all drinks are affordable.

In recent years, when Ho Chi Minh city becomes more open-minded about LGBTQ in Vietnam, it is home to many gay-friendly activities, and especially gay bars. Among these bars, it would be a miss if we don’t mention Whiskey & Wares. It is known as the gay paradise that draw blended/ gay expats as well as visitors and local people. Every customer at the bar all has fun hanging out here. 

Another good point of this bar is that it stays eco-friendly by not using plastic straws. The restaurant has eliminated plastic straws in dine-in and take-out.

What to Drink at Whiskey & Wares?

As its name suggests, the menu is filled with a wide selection of whiskey imported from many countries like the US, Japan, Ireland,…  For example, you can enjoy American whiskey taste including Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve. Or, Irish taste such as Jameson or Tullamore Dew.

If you are not searching for a taste of whiskey, there are plenty of other drink options. Whiskey & Wares has an extensive list of tasty local craft beers featuring Fuzzy Logic, Te Te, Phat Rooster, and Pasteur Street brewing. On some occasions like Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day, there are always special offers for you, including different types of drink and discounts. The price for whiskey is quite reasonable. You only have to pay VND 85.000 for Knob Creek bourbon. Sounds incredible, right? Irish whiskey, single malts, bourbon, various cocktails, all are available at affordable price. Besides, Jay is creative and he mixes up an excellent menu with manhattan, ginger-lemongrass julep, and bloody mary. So, you may feel regret if leaving the city without trying some drink here.

Drinking in Whiskey & Wares

Atmosphere in Whiskey & Wares

Coming here, you will find a part of familiar concept to other places for foreign travelers, like showing others that traveling in Southeast Asia on the shoestring budget can even give you the best and the most exciting spots to chill. At Whiskey & Wares, you can set the tone of the interior space with a playlist of jazz, down temp, or hip hop.

Or, to make it more fun, you can choose your own adventure by setting your list on the couch-lounge upper level. The space looks quite small but there are up to 50 seats; therefore, you can go with your large group of friends. Besides, there is also a little smoking area upstairs. 

Extra Notes

  • Don’t forget to visit Whiskey & Wares on Sunday when you can get a 20% discount for cocktails and buy 2 get 1 beer.
  • Don’t just go here for drinks. It would be a great experience in Saigon to invite your friends and stay tuned for the locally-made art or weekly live music together.
  • The bar is closed every Monday and some national holidays. So please check with the bar before getting there.

Generally, Whiskey & Wares is a must-visit place when traveling in Saigon. If you stay here in a couple of days, remember to add this bar to your itinerary to try enjoying different drinks with your friends here. 


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