4 Important Reasons to Live in Hanoi

4 Important Reasons to Live in Hanoi

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Dec 28, 2021

Going abroad for studying, working or enjoying retirement recently has become a trend to explore the world and refresh your life. There is an overwhelming number of cities all over the world where you can start a next page of your life diary and each one is like no other. Vietnam, in general, and Hanoi, in particular, has shown up on the global travel map because it can offer great things you cannot find where else. If you are listing down Hanoi as an option, this article will tell you why moving to Hanoi to make a life here never let you regret.

Reasonable living cost - Why living in Hanoi

1. Reasonable Living Cost

The very first reason is reasonable cost of living which has the most impact on your life quality. Lifestyle and expense are different from person to person; however, a budget of around $1,000 a month can offer an expat a comfortable life in the city. A comfortable one here refers to eating out with friends regularly, living in a good apartment and having chances to travel to many other beautiful attractions in Vietnam. Expats who find it hard to live in their country with current income rate may consider Hanoi as a good alternative. Especially it’s ideal to freelancers or remote workers like designer, coder, writer, translator, etc. who earn some thousands of dollars a month. You will become rich when moving to Hanoi! Generally, with the same sum of money, you can buy much as 3 to 4 times of goods and services since the labor cost here is very cheap. It is just unbelievable to some new comers that a bowl of noodle costs $2 at most, a nail care costs $4 or a meal at restaurant for 3-member family costs $5 to $8.

Renting apartment in Hanoi is not an exception, either. With a sum of $500 – $700 per month, you can get a good apartment for rent in Hanoi. If you are keen on a luxury apartment in a complex, it takes you only around $1,000. By contacting reputable housing agents like Alphahousing, you are even able to rent a perfect unit at competitive price because we have a wide ranges of available apartments and houses for rent in Hanoi and are willing to help you negotiate with the landlord during rental process. The only exception can be appliances, technology devices and automobiles because these items are mostly imported. You may see prices of laptop and mobile phone are a bit higher than those in your hometown, car’s price might even be double due to high and plentiful tax rates. But don’t worry too much, they are not frequent purchases in your lifetime.

Favorable weather in Hanoi - Why living in Hanoi

2. Favorable Weather

Harmonious weather is another motivation to keep many people staying here, too. There are 2 major seasons in a year when it comes to Hanoi weather: hot rainy season from January to September and dry cold one from October to April. Nevertheless, there is short transition between the seasons (normally 1 to 2 months), residents still enjoy 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The spring is associated with Tet holiday – the most important and longest holiday of locals. And it is also considered the greatest time in a year with average temperature of 18 Celcius degrees and drizzle.

The summer in Hanoi is not as hot as in the Central or the South, but hard rain is one of its characteristics that you should always bring along a raincoat and umbrella when going out.

Similarly, Hanoi’s romantic autumn can’t be found in any areas in Vietnam. It’s slightly cool, dry but warm at the same time and temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees. This short time witnesses the change of leaves’ color together with breezy air make the city charming than ever. So, this season is ideal for travellers to come here and enjoy slow living mode in a chaotic city.

The winter is the coldest period but luckily you will not suffer freezing cold like in Western countries as the temperature is around 15 degrees only. In the mid of the season, it can fall to 10 degrees or lower, but the bitter cold doesn’t last too long.

Delicious Hanoi cuisine - Reasons to live in Hanoi

3. Delicious Hanoi Cuisine

Tasty food is definitely another undeniable factor why you should move to Hanoi. Once someone mentions Vietnamese food, “Pho” (noodle) is the first one comes to their mind. But in fact, there is a variety of specialties in every corner of the city, either in local restaurants or street vendors.

Street food now becomes a unique feature of the capital’s food culture which is literally everywhere. With some small plastic chairs and tables on the sidewalks, a street vendor can serve hundreds of guests a day until midnight. You will be astonished that people queue up long just to enter a tiny old shop in the Old Quarter which has been there for several generations. Such shops are famous for excellent and unique recipes of traditional food; however, price is not expensive at all, e.g: a bowl of noodle varies from $2 to $3 per serving with drink. Hanoi food is rich in flavor but pleasant and proper in taste, it’s not as sweet as the South or spicy as the Central, hence, most expats can enjoy without worry. Your life in Hanoi will not be complete without trying some delicacies such as Cha ca (grilled fish), Bun thang (combo noodle soup), Banh cuon (rolled steamed cake), Banh Goi (fried dumpling), Bun cha (grilled pork and noodle), Pho cuon (rolled noodle), etc. Apart from its traditional dishes, authentic restaurants serving food from other regions and countries also diversify options in this food paradise.

French ancient architecture - reasons to live in Hanoi

4. French Ancient Architecture

Lastly, many will be fond of Hanoi ancient architecture which was influenced by French style. Colonial French time for decades has left traces in many life aspects in the city, among which building design and pattern is the clearest evidence we can see now. Mostly this Western format is conserved in the villas and public constructions in Ba Dinh and Tay Ho Districts like tiled roof, large green windows, yellow painted walls and lush gardens around the campus. In addition, inner design of some houses possesses French imperial style furniture and original materials which make them outstanding among a lot of modern houses and symbolise historical features.

The above four reasons are enough for Hanoians take pride in their city. Although it is far from a perfect place, Hanoi is still the most crowded expat city among dozens of choices in Vietnam. Thus, those who are seeking something not being able found in other countries should not neglect this heaven.


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