3 New Cruise Experiences in Halong Bay

3 New Cruise Experiences in Halong Bay

Experiences for an Incredible Halong Bay Cruise Trip

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 05, 2022

Enjoying the royal life in luxurious cabins, celebrating your wedding day with a cruise or enjoying a great meal inside the cave are just a handful of wonderful experiences you can have in Vietnam. In this article, some exceptional cruises with new services will be introduced for your variety of selections in order to have a memorable Halong bay tour. Check out 3 new cruise experiences in Halong Bay not to miss!

Why cruising Halong bay

1. Becoming a King for a Night in Bai Tu Long Bay

Emperor Cruises Halong is at the last stage off its efforts to launch in September 2016 in Bai Tu Long Bay. Following the success of the 5-star cruise in Nha Trang Bay, Emperor Cruises Halong’s design is also inspired by the life of the Emperor Bao Dai, one of the wealthiest kings of Nguyen Dynasty in the early 20th century. You will feel like you are a king living in a veritable palace adorned with gorgeous paintings and high-class furnishings. Your sovereignty will be complete with music and local seafood. All 8 classic suites are decorated with sophisticated designs. A private butler and balcony overlooking the bay make the suites more special.

In addition to the premium suites, Emperor Cruises offers King and Queen Suites – the two most luxurious ones. The spaces are divided into a bedroom with a king-size bed and a living room with large antique cushioned chairs with deep brown patterns. The bookshelf, mini bar, and work desk are positioned in accordance with Feng Shui, all contributing to the classic beauty of the cruise.

2. Wedding Celebration on Cruise

Have you ever dreamed of being the most beautiful bride on a luxurious cruise in Halong Bay? Celebrating your wedding with your loved ones while traveling around the world heritage site would be one of the best experiences of your life. It’s not for nothing that happy couples such as Ben Nobbs and Nicola Powell or Anne Laura and Marcelin chose cruises in Halong Bay for their Big Day.

More and more couples tend to celebrate their wedding in Halong Bay. A small yet impressive wedding celebration on a cruise is often designed for a group of 30 guests, except for the Au Co Cruise which can accommodate up to 70 guests.

You and your partner can choose your own wedding theme, according to your tastes. The wedding formalities can either be hosted on the sundeck, on the white sandy beach, or in a cave with sparkling candle light. To make your wedding more special, you can have the decoration done by renowned wedding planners such as M Nguyen, VietAnh Design, or JolieFlower for about 50 million VND.

3. Banquet in the Cave

Have you ever attended a night party with sparkling candlelight in the cave?

You can hardly imagine how much time and effort they spend preparing for a party. Every factor related to the terrain, tide, weather, and humidity in the cave is considered carefully. Moreover, they need to transport decorations and such into the cave as well as set up electricity and water for the atmosphere. After the party ends, all decorations, candle cups, etc. are removed, ensuring that the cave’s natural features are not damaged.

Bhaya Cruises Halong and Au Co Cruises are the two cruises offering night party service in the cave. The night party is available for groups of 30 to 200 guests. Groups of 2 to 20 guests can join the larger ones depending on their demands.


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