Datanla Falls: A Memorable Experience for Adventurous People

Datanla Falls: A Memorable Experience for Adventurous People

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 06, 2021

Da Lat (Dalat) is famous not only for its poetic beauty with the extensive fields of colorful flowers, the green pine forests sending a gleam across the still water but also the spectacular and magnificent waterfalls. Located nearby the city center, Datanla Falls are a destination not to be missed for you when visiting Da Lat, Vietnam.

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I. History and Legend of Datanla Falls

Every landscape in Da Lat has its own story and Datanla Falls are not the exception. Visiting this place, you would have a chance to know the three different mysterious legends about the origin of the falls. 

History of Datanla fall

According to the first story, Datanla once was the place where the brave man K’Lang and the beautiful girl Ho Biang met and fell in love with the other. One day, K’Lang had to fight against the ferocious wild animals, which is still written in the legend of local people nowadays. So fierce the struggle was that the trees in a part of the forest fell down, making deep holes at the foot of the waterfalls; and one of the holes was called “The Death Canyon”. Since then, Datanla Falls turned into the meeting place of lovers.

The second legend told that once upon a time, the beautiful fairies from heaven went to Datanla to go sight-seeing and take a bath in the crystal water covered by many layers of leaves. Therefore, the stream with the spring water at the bottom of the waterfall has another name as “Suoi Tien”, which means “the fairy stream”.

When it comes to the third story, in the old days, the Cham people used to come to attack Lat and Chil people in Lang Biang plateau for land and slaves. When the local people were about to lose due to the lack of water, they fortunately discovered the waterfall. The Da Lat people therefore could defeat the Cham people and protect their village. To remind their descendant about the historical combat, the Lat people named the waterfall “Da Tam N’nha”, meaning “water under the leaves”.

II. Highlights of Datanla Falls

Highlights of Datanla fall

Datanla Falls, one of the most tourist attraction places in Da Lat, is the combination of seven majestic waterfalls. Unlike most of the famous waterfalls with the magnificent mountain background, Datanla Falls lay under the murky forest canopy; and you could hear the sound of water from afar without seeing the falls. From the height of 20 meters, the cascading water flows through the rocky slope, then bounces off the large boulders, and leaves layers of marble in the stream at the bottom.

The thing that distinguishes Datanla Falls from the other waterfalls is its unique alpine coaster. With a total length of 2400 meters, this system is the longest roller coaster in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia. The alpine coaster would take you through the pine forest to enjoy the beauty of the falls from above. Besides, you would probably have a wide range of choices for stimulating activities there, especially the thrilling games.

III. What to Do at Datanla Falls?

What to do in Datanla waterfall

Datanla Falls provides tourists with plenty of adventure activities, which makes this place become a wonderful selection for those who would like to get over their fear.

1. Alpine coaster

This is one of the most rewarding experiences when conquering Datanla Falls.  The coaster system curving round the hillside would take you to stunning views of Datanla, which is sure to immediately take your breath away. The speed of the roller coaster could be up to 20-40km/h, so you should be courageous enough to not close your eyes and miss the splendid sights on the way.

2. Canyoning

In this game, you would climb the precarious cliffs of the waterfall with the assistance of specialized tools and training coaches. After overcoming the obstacle to reach the top, you would be really satisfied with the absolute victory feeling along with the amazing adventure you have already experienced.

3. Kayaking

Although the ticket price for this activity is not pocket-friendly, it is a very worthwhile cost for those who want to join a fascinating adventure game exploring nature. Participating in the activity, you would be equipped with necessary equipment and skills and guided by the coaching staff here during the whole journey.

4. High rope course

This is the most demanding game in Datanla Falls. Before starting the game, you would have to take a short course in order not to be passive in the urgent situations. There are six levels of the game, and what can be more interesting when you could conquer all the levels of the activity.

What to do in Datanla fall 2

5. Cable car

This experience is not as demanding as the others but no less attractive. The cable car system begins at the top of Prenn Pass, one of the most impressive passes in Da Lat. From the cable car, not only could you catch the sight of Datanla Falls but you could also enjoy the dreamlike and gorgeous beauty of Da Lat city as in a romance novel from above. 

6. Walking through the pine forest

If the adventure games are not suitable for you, or the fear of height makes it impossible for you to take the cable car, you ought to try walking on the stairs leading to the falls. Along the 200-step staircase, you could see the wild features that are well  preserved and hear the murmuring water like the rhythm of the forest.

IV. What to Eat near Datanla Falls?

After the absolutely interesting activities, you could find Datanla restaurant at the entrance of the falls where the meals are served all day. Because Datanla Falls is not very far from Da Lat, you would have another selection: enjoying delicious specialites in the city center.

Da Lat has long been well-known for its night market with a variety of appetizing dishes that are typical for the local cuisine. Going for a walk to enjoy the fresh air then sitting with friends to eat  fragrant grilled girdle-cake, buttermilk ice cream or  drink hot peanut milk would make your trip more fantastic. Besides, chicken hotpot and oxtail hotpot are worth trying for you when travelling to Da Lat.

In addition, visiting Da Lat without having a try at the fresh fruits and vegetables is one of your most regretful things in your life. Agricultural products there are grown with international standards to minimize the use of chemicals. Strawberries, sweet potatoes and processed products such as atiso tea, dried persimmons are often bought as souvenirs of Da Lat.

V. How to Get to Datanla Falls?

Datanla Falls is about six kilometers south of Da Lat center, located in the middle of Prenn Pass, one of the most spectacular passes in this city. The road winds through verdant pine forest as the scene in a love poem of the jungle. From Highway 20, you just turn right to a small descending road, then keep on going for about 300 meters to a narrow valley where you can see a dramatic and majestic sight of cascades in front of you. 

The best time to start the journey is between November and March, when Da Lat is in the dry season. The weather at that time is pretty nice and appropriate for outdoor activities. You should not travel in the rainy season because the cliffs could be very slippery, which might have potential danger for tourists.

VI. Tips on Visiting Datanla Falls

There are some useful tips for you in order to have the best condition in the journey:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for physical activities. Women should not wear dresses or skirts.
  • Do not arbitrarily participate in the games without the allowance and the control of the supervisor.
  • Completely follow all the safety rules of the training coaches. Ensure that you are equipped with enough safety tools before entering the games.
  • People with heart disease or poor health should not participate in adventurous games.

It is a flaw for adventurous people when coming to Da Lat without exploring Datanla Falls. What are you waiting for? We hope you and your friends will have memorable experiences with the picturesque and grandiose natural beauty of Datanla Falls!


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