Valley Of Love: a Romantic Rhythm of Life in Da Lat

Valley Of Love: a Romantic Rhythm of Life in Da Lat

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 06, 2021

For a long time, Da Lat, the amorous city in Lam Vien Plateau, is well-known for its charming appearance like a beautiful mountainous girl. Visiting this city, you would be absolutely impressed by the tranquil crystal lake surfaces, spectacular passes, stunning waterfalls as well as the pristine beauty of the pine forests. If you are finding a destination that comprises all the attractiveness of Da Lat, the Valley of Love would be a perfect selection for you.

Address: No. 3-5-7, Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province
Opening time: 7.30 – 17.00
Phone number: 0263 3821 448
Entrance fee: Adults: 250,000 VND; Children: 50,000 VND.

I. History of Valley of Love

History of Valley of Love

The Valley of Love, also known as Thung Lung Tình Yêu in Vietnamese, had to get over many challenges in history in order to gain its name today. Since the French colonialism invaded Vietnam in 1858 and found a place to build a resort for French, the Valley of Love had become a place of interest where couples met and dated. In the 1930s, the French named the valley “Vallée d’Amour” (the Valley of Love). Under the feudal regime of King Bao Dai, it was called “the Peace Valley” due to the serene atmosphere there. Not until 1953 did the captivating valley be renamed “the Valley of Love” by Mr. Nguyen Vy – the Chairman of Da Lat Council at that time.

This glamorous valley is named after the most wonderful thing in the world: Love, which has been the boundless source of inspiration for many poets and musicians. Nowadays, the Valley of Love is an ideal place for lovers to say the marriage proposal and for newly-weds to enjoy their honeymoon in Vietnam.

II. Highlights of Valley of Love

Highlights of Valley of love

With the area up to 242 hectares, the Valley of Love is an excellent combination of natural beauty and human quintessence. Coming to this landscape, you would have a chance to totally escape from the chaos of crowded cities so as to be immersed in peaceful life there.

At the entrance of the valley, you could see a statue of two hands exchanging rings – the symbol of eternal love and also the symbol of this landscape. Following the sinuous paths with colorful flower carpets in the two sides would lead you to the other statues of famous people as well as the duplicates of wonders in the world. The serene 13-hectare Da Thien lake lays peacefully in the middle of the valley, adding the stillness to the charming attractiveness of Love Valley in general.

The trails or hundreds of steps in the staircase around the valley take you to Vong Canh Hill, which is all year round covered with thousands of gorgeous pine trees. From the tracks, you could appreciate the magnificent view of the Valley of Love with the lush green pine forest silhouettes against the blue sky. All in all, the scenery draws a perfect picturesque painting about the land of love and peace in front of your eyes.

If before, tourists came to the Valley of Love as an ideal destination for lovers or referred to Paradise Hill as a miniature Da Lat which stores complete Da Lat architecture as well as the Central Highland tradition; now, the two destinations is merged in one – Valley of Love, where you could experience both natural beauty and unique culture along with good service.

III. What to Do in the Valley of Love?

What to do in Valley of Love

Is going to the Valley of Love just for sightseeing? The answer is “No”. You can take part in a variety of activities which are not only for couples but also for individuals and even children.

1. Swan-shaped paddle boat

What could be more thrilling than sitting in a boat on the immense Da Thien lake with your sweetheart? From the lake, you could admire the very different view of the Love Valley, enjoy the light wind purifying your soul and the brilliant dancing sunshine on the lake surface. Even if you do not have your lover there, it is such an intriguing experience that you should try.

2. Activities for couples

It is said that the couples going to Da Lat would break up, but coming to the Valley of Love proves that the curse is not true. You could write down your wishes with your lover in a ribbon then throw in on the wishing tree with the hope that the wishes will come true. Besides, writing the couples’ names on a lock and putting it in the love bridge is supposed to ensure that your love will be eternal.

Take photo in Valley of Love

3. Taking photos

It is a flaw if you come to Love Valley without taking any photos. Saying that every square meter here you are able to shoot dozens of photos is quite reasonable. The common locations for virtual life enthusiasts are usually the statues of famous people and wonders in the world, the glamourous garden of hydrangeas, the mysterious love maze, the lavender path and so on.

4. Teambuilding

The large area of the Love Valley makes it a suitable destination for proactive people participating in games with your groups, including some adventure games. This landscape is also a proper place for holding outdoor activities such as going for a picnic and camping.

5. Exploring various customs

Not only is the Valley of Love a sightseeing spot but it also stores the time-honored culture of ethnic minorities in Da Lat and some countries in Asia. You could have a try on the traditional costumes with sophisticated patterns of local people as well as Kimono of Japan or Sari of India.

IV. What to Eat Near the valley?

The thing that adds to your trips of much more interests is the local cuisine. All the dishes are made from fresh ingredients cultivated with a strict manufacturing process by local farmers. In the Valley of Love, you could enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant of the valley where you could have a wide range of choice with the buffet served all day. Besides, the Valley of Love is located right in the city center, so you could follow the direction of Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street back to the central area to try some mouthwatering dishes that are difficult to ignore when coming to Da Lat such as chicken hotpot, Ba Toa beef hotpot, grilled chicken with Lam rice or other grilled dishes at night market.

Moreover, another selection for you is to visit the strawberry garden nearby and collect the succulent strawberries on your own. You could also bring some fresh fruits home along with the dried fruits in Da Lat as souvenirs.

V. How to Get to the Valley of Love?

The Valley of Love is located only 05km from Da Lat city center, you could take a bus to Mai Anh Dao street then have a walk to enter the valley. In the spring, the roadside himalayan cherry trees bloom brightly, adorn the dreamy beauty of the Love Valley with pink color, which would absolutely give you the feelings as in a romance movie. Around and inside the Valley of Love, the horse-drawn carriages and train-shaped vehicles are always available for your movement.

It is advisable for you to go to Da Lat in the dry season from November to March, when Da Lat is at the most beautiful period of year. January and February are the best time for you to contemplate the amorous view of himalayan cherry along all the roads in Da Lat. If you want to see the dreamy purple of lavender in the valley, April is highly recommended.

VI. Tips on Visiting Valley of Love

There are some minor tips but no less important you should remember when visiting the Valley of Love:

  • Prepare a comfortable pair of shoes. Due to the very large area that requires walking a lot, women should not wear high heels.
  • Follow the safety instructions, especially when you are in the swan-shaped paddle boat on Da Thien Lake.
  • Protect the environment in the valley. Do not throw rubbish, carve on the statues or spontaneously pick up flowers.

If you are finding a place to enjoy your sweet romance honeymoon with your lover or just a place to go on a picnic with your family at weekend, the Valley of Love is one of the destinations that you had better take into consideration. We hope that with the above helpful information, you will have a fantastic journey!


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